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Wife swap had an un-aired episode that they wouldn't show because it would make them look bad. In the episode, one of the swapped wives, Deborah, slept with the other wife's husband, Jeremy. Both of them got divorced and Johnathan blamed the show. So that people would still be encourage to come on the show the episode never aired and both couples were compensated handsomely.

Supposedly, Jeremy tried to contact the show runners years down the line to gain access to the episode’s archives. This was to retrieve a sex tape that was accidentally filmed of the now couple making love on the sofa next to a pile of dead cats.

Offering back his original settlement of 10 Million the show denied the request stating: “It would tarnish any of the show runners reputations considering how dark the stunt was…we here at NBC found it quite hilarious, but want to keep our programming fun and entertaining for the whole family.”

Jeremy and Deborah have since opened an OnlyFans where they did their best to recreate the infamous sofa/dead cat scandal while feeding into other niche kink movies.