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The ghost as seen in Three Men and a Baby.

Background: Three Men and a Baby is a 1987 comedy film starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson. The film revolves around three bachelors and friends, Peter Mitchell (Selleck), Michael Kellam (Guttenberg)  and Jack Holden (Danson), as they attempt to take care of Jack's infant daughter Mary (the result of an affair with a co-star) who was dropped off on Jack's doorstep. 

In a scene just an hour into the film, Jack and his mother (Celeste Holm) walk through the house with the baby. As they do, they pass a background window on the left-hand side that seems to conceal a black outline that resembles a rifle pointed barrel down behind the curtains. As they pass this same window 40 seconds later, the figure of what appears to be a young boy can be seen behind the curtains.

Rumor has it that a nine-year old boy commited suicide with the rifle in the same house where Three Men and a Baby was being filmed. His ghost and the rifle were captured on the final cut of the film.

Further rumors involve the mother of the ghost child either suing the film studio for refusing to remove the scenes, going on various talk shows to discuss the incident or being confined to a mental institution after going insane from seeing her son in the film.

Status: False. The figure of the young boy is actually a cutout "standee" of Jack, wearing a tuxedo and a top hat, which was to be used in a dog food commercial Jack had filmed, but was cut from the final film. 

The standee does show up later in the film, however, when Jack stands next to it as the baby's mother comes to reclaim her child. The distance and angle that the cutout is shown and the curtains concealing its' outstretched arms gives it a much smaller appearance to that of a child's. Plus, all indoor scenes were filmed on a Toronto sound stages, so no houses and dwellings were used.

The actual Jack cutout.