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The Choking Doberman Pinscher story is a minor dog/robber story based in rural America


A dog's owner has just returned from a nearby store and notices that the house has been messed up, she blames it on the dog. When she finds the dog (a Doberman Pinscher), gasping for air, choking on something it had eaten. The dog is taken to a vet, and the owner is said to retrieve her pet the next day.

As she comes home, she immediately gets a phone call from the vet, who tells her that her dog has eaten human fingers, mystified by what the vet has just told her, she searches the house and is soon horrified as she finds a mysterious man unconscious in her upstairs bathroom with four of his fingers missing. This man was a robber who had snuck in and was attacked by her dog. Bullshit, utter bullshit. Cant express how disappointingly bad this story is.