There is a new forward going around the internet and it goes sort of like this.

MaryAnn Seth was a popular girl. She came home one day and went up to her closet to put her coat away, when she found her mom dead. She was strangled and stabbed twenty times. She screamed and ran down the steps and tripped. Her head was gushing blood and her back was broken. The cops were called because the neighbors heard a loud crash and scream. The cops soon found MaryAnn in the laundry room, with no head. Nobody knows how she got there.

The second part to it was this.

True! A boy got this message and did not forward it. He went to get a snack at night, and heard foot steps. The weird part is that he was home alone. He got scared and ran to his phone to forward the message, but it was too late. His mom found him in the moring on the steps, headless.

The second part is just stupid but the first part is scary.