Synopsis Edit

After four years of dating, young couple Clayton and Roxanne decided to get married. The wedding was held on the most beautiful day in June and everything was absolutely perfect. At the reception, everyone gave their funny and sweet toasts to the newlyweds and eventually, after the toasts were finished, Clayton stood up and asked to say something. He thanked all his friends and family for being there and thanked Roxanne's parents for putting together the wedding and reception.

Then, he told everyone to reach under their chairs and open the envelope they would find there.

To all the guests' horror, the envelope contained photos of Roxanne having sex with the best man.

As gasps and screams of horror from the women echoed throughout the room, Clayton turned to Roxanne and sweetly said, "I knew you were cheating on me and I hired a private investigator to find out who you were doing it with."

Completely humiliated, Roxanne ran from the reception hall, sobbing tears of guilt and shame.

Clayton annulled the marriage the next day, but then an enraged Roxanne proceeded to sue him for emotional distress, as her reputation was completely destroyed and she could never show her face around anyone she knew anymore, and her parents also sued for the cost of the wedding. In the end, Clayton had to fork over almost $250,000 to both Roxanne and her parents.

Variation Edit

  • It's the bride getting revenge on her cheating groom.