Synopsis[edit | edit source]

An elderly widow, Esther, lived all by herself, far from any of her other family, and the only company she had was an adorable little Beagle, who she simply adored. She had adopted the dog after her husband died and he very quickly cured her loneliness and she felt that she was never alone.

One day, Esther one day took her dog for a walk when it suddenly began to rain. She and her dog made it back to the house, but they were both just soaking wet once they stepped inside. She tried to dry off the dog with a towel, but he was still shivering and cold, plus she needed to dry herself off, so she decided to put him in the microwave for about five minutes while she dried herself off. 

After drying her hair and putting on some clean dry clothes, Esther, hearing the microwave ding, went downstairs, opened the microwave, and was horrified to see that her beloved dog had literally exploded only seconds after the microwave was turned on. 

Variations[edit | edit source]

  • The animal is a cat, parrot, hamster, or a turtle.
  • The pet owner is a child.
  • The animal doesn't explode; it just simply dies.
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