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The Jinmenken is another Japanese legend. Popular in the Edo era (1603 to 1868). These things are like talking dogs. They have the body of a dog and a human face! :D

About The Jinmenken[]

Do you want a talking dog? If you do, then you are dumb! Then get the Jinmenken! They are said to roam the streets at night in Japan. Once you approach them, they will tell you to leave them alone in a willowy voice. They are not much trouble, they also do not harm you, but sometimes when you talk to them, they insult you and run off. These mutts were thought of bad omens and were often blamed for accidents and disasters. Throughout the Edo era, they were occasionally seen by locals (almost always at night.) They were seen so much that the media wanted to capture one and film it for the people in Japan. There was even a mention that at least there was one captured. In the 1900's a historian named Ishizuka Hokaishi wrote a book called Gaidan Bunbun Shuyo, which mentioned that the Jinmenken was captured. The story goes that one of those human-faced dogs was born in the old Edo (modern Tokyo) in 1810. A carnival owner heard about the news and went to acquire the rare dog. He used it for his exhibition in his carnival sideshow, which is well known as misemono. It attracted many people, making the carnival owner wealthy.  

Modern Japan Sightings[]

These days, many people of Japan have claimed to see the Jinmenken, thinking that it was just a normal dog at first. In the late 1980s and early 1990's, there were many reports. The creatures are mostly reported when someone is taking out the trash and sees it going through the trash. All these reports also happened at night. Most of the reports are from suburb and rural places, but some of them are seen in urban and high raised complexed buildings. One famous Jimmenken sighting was in the 1980s when it was digging around in a dark alleyway in Shibuya District, one of the most crowded and bustling areas in the city. These dogs are said to be seen chasing cars or standing in dark alleyways. They are also said to have high speed, going up to 60 mph. Japanese locals say that these things might be secret experiments performed in labs. They even suggested that they are the Chupacabras in Japan. One source of the legend may be a misidentification of Japanese macaques