Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A young couple with a 2-month old baby are preparing to go away on a luxurious two-week Caribbean cruise, and the woman's elderly aunt is going to take care of the baby while they are gone. On the day of their flight, the couple is waiting for the aunt, who is thirty minutes late in coming over. Finally, the woman calls her and the aunt promises that she will be over in around fifteen minutes, as she had gotten sidetracked. The couple realize that if they wait for her to arrive, they will miss their flight, so they decide to leave the baby alone just for a little while. The mother straps him into the high chair, promising that auntie will be there in a little while, and they depart. Two weeks later, the couple returns and are horrified to find their baby still in the high chair, only dead, bloated, and covered with flies. As it turned out, the woman's aunt had suffered a fatal heart attack on the way over, and did not even live long enough to tell the paramedics or anyone else about the baby.

Variations[edit | edit source]

  • The babysitter is a teenage girl or a relative of the couple.
  • The babysitter does not arrive because she either gets into a car accident on the way over and dies, gets hit by a car, or finds the door locked and decides that the couple took the baby with them or left it with someone else.
  • The babysitter actually does arrive on time, but ends up dying later on of an accident or disease.
  • The couple immediately fly home when they call to check on the baby and get no answer, and arrive home too late.
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