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Teke Teke is a japanese urban legend about a young girl who fell on a railway track and got cut in half by the on going train. Now she is a vengeful spirit that carries a scythe or saw and travels with her hands or elbows, all the while making the noise wherever she goes. If she spots anyone outside at night and they are not fast enough, she will then slice them in half to mimic her on disfiguration. She will also ask "where are my legs?" If the answer is not reasonable, she will slice you in half.

Kashima Reiko, Another Story of "her". WOW.[]

Another version of this story is that of Kashima Reiko. As the story goes, Kashima Reiko was a young girl who was attacked by a group of men and left unconscious on the railroad tracks at the Meishin Expressway. While she was unconscious, her body was severed in half by a train, killing her.

Some say that if you hear this story read aloud to you, Kashima Reiko will appear to you within a month, usually in a school lavatory. When she appears to you she will ask you three questions. First, she will ask you where her legs are. You must answer "On the Meishin Expressway." Next she will ask you who told you that. You must answer that Kashima Reiko told you that. Finally, she will ask you what her name is. You must not answer "Kashima Reiko" or she will kill you on the spot. You must instead answer that her name is Mask Death Demon, which is the meaning of her real name; "ka"coming from the word, "Kamen," meaning "mask;" "shi" coming from the word, "shinin," meaning "death;" and "ma" being the japanese word for "demon."