Inui Yamyang was a girl from some part of Dubai whom her parents abuse, although her butt showed the sign of punishments which have no kind of any help, and to increase her sorrow such a physical condition that causes her classmates to make fun of her, mock her and bullying her. Her parents weren't mad, they used to ignore it, because they don't want to get involved with this problem. Hikiko began to be invisible, wandering between her home and school without talk to anyone else and not interested in it. The tormented soul of the poor girl began to pieces. She was found the homeless cat, so she became the perfect cat. Hikiko started to change, and full of her happiness has been found. The other notice, and they just ignore her. Sometimes, her parent refuse to kill her. The Two boys tried to follow her to discover the secrets. Without wasting time, they both make the plan to suffering her. The next day, Hikiko lost her happiness. Instead of the cat, she found note and running at her teacher parking. So, Hikiko clung on the rope that those boys tied her cat. The teacher parking, She was dragged by the several block before someone noticed. Her teacher ran to help Hikiko, but it was too late for her, the cat has been safe and sound. All of her body had been shattered after the many blows, she was dead. The passage months later, the boys doesn't confess their fault that they did something to Hikiko. But they appear near the parking, there were 2 dead bodies of them. The spirit of Hikiko San, her torn body moves like a living dead, walking through the street of Japan and fed on her revenge. She lashing out against bullies and protecting those who like her. Also her parent suffered the same luck and killed by Hikiko.

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