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1948: The Haunting Of The Oni[]

Mr Kawaguchi Got A Phone Call Of A Job At Tokyo Station. Mrs Kawaguchi Realised That Their House Was Too Far Away. She Said To Her Children That We Have To Move. The Children's Names Were Kawaguchi Hamada And Kawaguchi Miku. They Moved Into A 4 Story-Mansion.

The Mansion Had A Dark Secret. It Was Built In 1865, And They Didn't Know It Was Haunted. They Were Happy About Moving, They Even Fainted, Well The Children Did. 

When They Got To The House, They Got A Tour. They Went Into Every Room, Except The Upstairs Bathroom In The 4th Floor. They Were Told To Use The Bathroom On The 2nd Floor. Here Is When The Haunting Started.

The Kawaguchi Children Were Curiously Wondering Why They Can't Go Into The Upstairs Bathroom, So In The Middle Of The Night, They Woke Up To Go Up To The 4th Floor. They Went In The Bathroom, But They Noticed A Pig That Had An Open Stomach And A Cat With A Slit Throat. The Mirror Was Covered With A Silk Blanket And Wisteria Vines. They Lifted Up The Blanket, But There Was Nothing. When They Turned Around, They Saw A Pale-Faced Oni Staring Right Back At Them. She Was Singing The Chant:

"Kagome Kagome kago no Naka no tori wa itsu itsu deyaru Ushiro no Shoumen"

FACT: In Tokyo, Japan A 24-Year-Old-Woman Was Taking A Shower And Heard A Little Girl Singing "Kagome Kagome" Backwards.


  • There's A Masa Song Called "Meikyou Oni Warabe" [1]
  • There Is Actually No Proof That Oni's Exists, But There Was An Oni Sighting In 1999