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This wiki is dedicated to showcasing various urban legends. Fact or fiction, truth or lie, we will put it on this WIKI! We currently have [[Special:AllPages|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] articles. So come on in and help out on this WIKI.   
==Latest articles==   
* [[Melon Heads]]   
* [[Devil's Tramping Ground]]   
* [[Charlie No-Face (Green Man)]]   
* [[Dead children's Playground]]   
* [[Pokemon]]   
* [[The Legend of Zelda|Legend of Zelda]]   
*[[Tails Doll]]   
*[[Sonic The Hedgehog]]   
*[[Super Mario]]   
*[[The Closet Nightmare]]   
*[[The Headless Jackass]]   
*[[Phantom Vehicle]]   
*[[Malin Kundang (a.k.a Si Tanggang)]]   
*[[The Babysitter]] (VICKY!)   
*[[The Curiously Realistic Decoration]]   
*[[Buried Alive]]   
*[[Poltergeist Curse]]   
*[[Three Men and a Baby Ghost]]   
*[[The Smith Sisters: Murdered Anonymously]]   
*[[MC Donald's 100% Beef]]   
*[[The Slit-Mouthed Woman]]   
*[[In the Air Tonight is About a Drowning]]   
*[[Love Rollercoaster Scream]]   
*[[The Kidney Heist]]   
*[[The Hands Resist Him]]   
*[[The Rake]]   
*[[Cursed Kleenex Commercial]]
*[[The Madden Curse]]    [[Category:Ghosts]]    [[Category:Ghosts]]
   [[Category:Red room curse
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