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Urban legends[]


Ants in the brain

Bokor vendredi

Breast infection

Buried man in burbank CA

Candle cove

Chicago’s candyman

Cockroach in the tub

Couple dies because of eating fried rice

Cursed kleenex commercial

Finland bans donald duck

Halloween stunt goes wrong

Humans can lick too!

In the air tonight is about a drowning

Kuchisake onna

Love rollercoaster scream

M&ms are cockroach coated


Mori hikiko


One winged man

Paul is dead

Penny brown is missing

Poltergeist curse


Rock of misfortune

Shooting the gas tank blows it up


The baby in the highchair

The babysitter and the man upstairs

The boyfriends revenge

The choking of doberman pinscher

The clown upstairs

The columbine killers made DOOM levels based on their school

The dead body under your mattress

The exploding cactus

The funhouse mummy

The haunted floor

The hook

The jinmenken

The kidney heist

The killer cop

The killer in the window

The living billboard

The madden curse

The smith sisters murdered anonymously

The unlucky lottery winner

The wizard of oz suicide

Three dead kids

Three men and a baby ghost


Walt disney’s frozen

Japanese urban legends


Daruma san

Hanako san

Kisaragi station

Kuchisake onna

Meikyou oni warabe

Mori hikiko

Okiku doll


The jinmenken