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"Love Rollercoaster" is a 1975 single released by The Ohio Players from their seventh album, Honey. Along with their song "Fire", it is one of their most well-known singles. 

Urban Legend[]

An urban legend revolves around the high-pitch scream heard around the 1:24 - 1:28 mark (on the single version) and 2:32 - 2:36 mark (on the album version). This scream seems to resemble a female screaming in panic.

According to an urban legend, Ester Cordet, the model featured on the album cover, had a freak accident with the super-heated honey burning her skin and her screams of pain were recorded because it happened simultaneously at the same time the band was recording the song. A further urban legend (and the most popular version) says that the horribly burned model interrupted the recording session, threatening to sue for compensation for her injuries, which ended up with her being stabbed to death by the band's manager in the control room. 

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Status of Legend[]

Status: False. The scream heard in the song is actually the band's keyboardist Billy Beck. It is likely Beck was trying to imitate a scream of enjoyment from riding a rollercoaster, but the high-pitched, feminine sound of the scream gave it a different interpretation to listeners. 

The urban legend was also referenced during the party scene in 1998 horror film Urban Legend