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Daruma-San, also under the disturbing alias of "The Bath Game", is, according to www.theghostinmymachine.com, best described as 'a deadly version of Red Light, Green Light'. The game revolves around you summoning a grotesque, grody ghost that follows you around all day. Your objective is to avoid the ghost and prevent it from catching you.

=== How the game works; be careful, it would be basically our fault if you die ===Use a big soap bar to wash the blood away There are 2 versions of this game; one is a children's version called, "Darumasan ga Koronda", which literally means, "The Daruma doll fell down". The game refers the player as 'it', and Daruma-San wants to catch 'it'. And if Daruma-San catches you... may god have mercy on your soul. The other version is MUCH scarier, and once that game starts, don't enter that bathroom again.

To begin, you must sit in the tub. A shower can't be a substitute. You sit in the tub and begin to wash your hair, chanting, “Daruma-San fell down”. If performed correctly, you will see a mental image of a woman. Do NOT turn around and do NOT open your eyes until you leave the bathroom. She will then trip and fall on a rusty tap in her bathtub, stabbing her right eye and killing her instantly. Get out of the bathtub with your eyes closed. Do not drain it or look behind you. Repeat the following once. “Why did you fall in the bath?” Then, get out and shut the door behind you, DO NOT TRIP ON THE WAY OUT

The next day, do your usual thing, then the game will begin. Daruma-San will follow you throughout the day, getting closer and closer, she stalks you , she watches you. YOU CANNOT LET HER CATCH YOU. If you look over your right shoulder, you may occasionally catch a glimpse of...her. Should you feel that she is too close to you, you must yell out the word “TOMARE“, which means “stop” in Japanese. The reason for this is to run away and put some distance between yourself and her. When you wish to end the game, you will turn around, catching her in your sight. “KITTA!” you will shout. You will also swing your arm in a cutting motion, as if slicing bread. This means “I cut you loose”.

Some sources state that if she catches you, she will torture you. Some, that she will try and slit open your neck, others that she will hang you. The most popular assumption is that she will attempt to gouge out your eye, as it happened to her. It is said that you must end the game before midnight. It is recommended that you warn your friends not to try this, and don’t try it yourself, because you play with the risk of death. Be careful, and remember, if you fail to end the game, she will follow you for all eternity.