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  • An urban legend online states that a couple died because they ate fried rice containing glass. The story goes that a couple ordered their usual Chinese food for dinner to go along with the movie that they were watching. One of these foods were fried rice, and while watching the movie, both of them ate large servings of it. When the movie ended and the couple went to bed, the husband began to complain about his stomach. Later, the wife began to experience the same thing. Convinced that his stomach was hard and  wasn't that serious, the couple ignored the stomach pains and continued to sleep. Not long after, both of them began to experience the pains, except it was much worse. Soon, the pains began grow to point where the husband had dialed 911 for help. When the ambulance had finally got there, the couple was found dead in their beds.A few days after the incident, they performed an autopsy on the couple and found out that their death was caused by internal bleeding. Eager to find the cause, the police investigated the Chinese restaurant where the couple ordered their food. It turned out that one of the new employees accidentally broke a glass cup and dumped the fragments into a fresh batch of fried rice, which was then given to the couple. It isn't known whether this story is true, but the likelihood of eating glass and not noticing is very low.