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The Ayuwoki is an event revolving around the late Michael Jackson. It originated when Michael died, a story being a deliberate saying that the last thing he said is Ayuwoki but he meant it as "Annie, are you okay?" to his mom.


The meme was originally began by the YouTuber thomasrengstorff who created an animatronic version of the real Michael, and published a video about it entitled "My Ghoul Jackson." The meme began to spread on January 3, 2019 with an edited version of "My Ghoul Jackson" and an added backstory behind the video. But the original video of the 'My Ghoul Jackson' Animatronic Sculpture was published by thomasrengstorff on January 28, 2012. We can see on the credits that he even tried to sell the sculpture on Ebay. According to the urban legend, Ayuwoki would sneak into its victim's room at night to say "Hee hee" in reference to Michael's vocal riff. The growth of the Ayuwoki became so pronounced, most likely because of the events regarding the demise of the Momo meme, many believe that Ayuwoki was a conglomeration of Michael Jackson and Momo. Ayuwoki quickly became an exploitable meme with many people taking the challenge of calling Ayuwoki at three in the morning.

An online game entitled Escape the Ayuwoki was released around the end of March where the premise of the game is the player is kidnapped by the Ayuwoki who takes them to his dark, disorderly mansion. The objective is to escape the house without making much noise as the Ayuwoki could hear everything in the house. The Ayuwoki is depicted as being a feral beast who tends to run on all fours and has an array of razor sharp teeth. If caught, the Ayuwoki would bloodily kill the player, presumably by eating them alive. The game is currently in its first chapter with the remaining chapters still being in development.


The Urban Legend Ayuwoki uses Echolocation to locate its prey. Most notably the rats that infest the old mansion whom become his "Midnight Snacks".



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