In a Japanese Arcade, there used to be a game that those who cheat have been killed by the scary woman, Alediana. It is said that many people who have cheated on the game had been killed. Nobody knows if this is true or not, but the arcade has since closed down.


Alediana lived with her parents in Japan. Alediana had two sisters, Nane and Tay. Alediana hated her sisters because of their abuse towards her, her sisters always punched her, kicked her, pranked her, and teased her. Alediana was ticked off over her sisters, but she still loved them a little. One day, Alediana's mom said that they were going to visit an arcade. Alediana jumped up and down with happiness.

When they arrived, Alediana got out of the car, and ran as quickly as she could to the arcade, as her sisters followed her, Alediana soon went inside.

Alediana's mom told her two daughters to watch over Alediana while she was going to pick up their dad from work. Her sisters agreed and they slowly entered the Arcade. Inside the arcade, Alediana saw a game called "あなたの心を知る"(Knoy your mind) the game is about somebody trapped in a maze. While her sisters were there they decided to try and scare her.

The sisters slowly walked up to her and startled her with a loud "Boo!". Alediana got scared and accidently tripped on the wet puddle on the floor, Splash! The water splashed onto the wire, resulting in Alediana getting electrocuted by the wire, and she died. The sisters felt guilty of what they did so they ran, until they got hit by a truck outside. The impact was so hard that their organs popped out, and they died soon after.

Their mom came home with police sirens nearby. The mom couldn't find Alediana and her two sisters, she found out about the news and the family was heartbroken and devastated. The next day the mom commited suicide by jumping off the highest building she could find, and the dad got a heat stroke.

One year later, there was this boy named Mar, who played the same Arcade as Alediana did. He decided to cheat the game, using 2 tokens the game glitched out and he was able to find his way out, he finished the game, moving onto a new game after getting bored. Soon when he came back to the game he saw a little girl playing with it, her clothes were torn, her hair was messed up, the people didn't know she was there, since the people knew about the incident. But when he touched her static appeared.

The little girl turned around and found the boy. The boy was scared of her, and decided to leave.The boy went looking for his mom outside but he couldn't find her.He turned around and the little girl from earlier was behind him.His body was found in a forest, stabbed to death 13 times.IT seems that the people who cheated at the game had been killed by Alediana and the arcade was closed down, only to be replaced by another arcade, soon.

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